Retail Packaging.

• All fruits are steam peeled; no chemicals used
• Peeling process reduces pesticide mrls to nearby baby food levels
• Due to innovative peeling process bright color is preserved throughout shelf life
• Innovative production process preserves fruit texture to a high-quality level


• Diced peaches, apples, pears, fruits in jellies and more-singly or in combinations!
• Naturally sweetened with fruit juice syrup
• If one of our standard products does not tickle your fancy,
our team is here to assist in developing your own recipe.

With a wide array of fruits available locally for our production, most ingredients are of Greek origin processed
during their respective season for use throughout the year in various applications.


Convenient in size

-Packed in sleeves of 4
-Packed in single units
-Personalize your cup by printing your brand on the lid

* Packed in display case or carton box


A high-speed, continuous motion rotary machine assembles, fills, and seals both spouts and prefabricated pouch “leafs” that are available in a wide array of shapes and sizes ensuring optimum efficiency / quality for countless food and dairy market products.

Prior to filling the pouch, the machine also operates a “sealing test” to verify there is no leaking thereby ensuring that no defective pouch will be filled.
Packing in 90 g and 100 g pouches.
Shelf life is 14 months.

Choose your pouch

Standard Pouch
Paper Based Spouted Pouch


Choke Free Cap
Stand out on shelves with you own
personalized print on the cap

Develop your own fruit, vegetable
puree/ smoothie-based recipe.

Our team is here to support you with product development. Ingredients could be single fruit purees or blends of different fruit and/or vegetable purees, super foods, nutrients etc. Possibilities are almost unlimited and geared towards arriving at a perfect match for our clients’ respective market as well as target group taste and functionality profile-i.e. children, teens, adults—as healthy snacks for enhancing immunity, energy levels, performance or providing additional nutritional benefits etc.

No sugar or other additives would need to be added-just fruits,
vegetables and whatever other natural ingredient is requested by the client.