A modern and efficient fruit juice concentrate plant and a new fruit processing plant which was established in 2019;


The group’s newest fruit processing plant utilizes advanced infrastructure and manufacturing along with cutting edge technology to guarantee quality, efficiency and environmental protection thereby providing Agrophoenix with greater flexibility to concurrently process multiple fruit varieties while achieving maximum by-product recovery.

Our new state-of-the art processing plant established in 2019 has been constructed in accordance with the most cutting-edge criteria for guaranteeing quality, efficiency and environmental protection.

The factory is exclusively powered by natural gas, a more environmentally friendly energy source to the mazut or heavy, low quality petroleum-based fuel oil used by most processors.

With an emphasis on a more natural approach throughout the entire production process being at the core of our business philosophy, fruits and vegetables are steam processed / peeled without the use of any potentially harmful chemicals.

Fruit Canning Plant
Ano Zervochori - Imathia
59034 Greece
Tel: +30 23320 47430

Fruit Juice Concentrate Plant
Agios Georgios - Imathia
59100 Greece
Tel: +30 23310 51017