Strategic partnership between Agrophoenix S.A. – Kronos S.A. and Lariplast S.A.

The companies Agrophoenix S.A. & Kronos S.A., operating in the processing and packaging of fresh fruit, are entering into a strategic partnership with Lariplast S.A., a company active in the food packaging industry.

The partnership involves the supply of barrier technology products from Lariplast to Agrophoenix & Kronos for the purpose of exporting the final product to the European and American markets.

Kronos S.A., is a private, 100% export oriented company, considered the leader in the Greek canning fruit industry, the largest producer in Europe and among the top five players in the world regarding canned peach.

Agrophoenix S.A. is a new company with deep roots in the industry of fruit processing and the vision to change agriculture and processing to a more sustainable and eficient model.

Lariplast S.A. was founded in 1969 and is active in the production of plastic and paper food and beverage packaging. With over 50 years of experience in packaging production and with intense export activity since 1996 in 22 countries, it is among the leading companies in its sector.